Ayo Fitness is a community of fun loving fitness enthusiasts. We firmly believe that our positive attitude and fun environment promotes and encourages an improved health and fitness level among our members. Our approach is entertaining, non-judgmental and appeals to members of all ages and levels of conditioning. We achieve the 'Ayo Experience' by incoporating fitness classes, bootcamp programs, gyms circuits, entertaining fitness festivals, and various other fitness programs.


Today I graduated from my 3rd bootcamp ... and I'll be honest, I was feeling a little glum. The weight loss is slower and the changes are subtle. Then, I came across these gems. There was a time when I struggled to button these jeans; a time when they made me feel so worthless. Yet today (even when pictured as a sweaty mess), they provided such comfort. Indeed, we all struggle. Even the best of the best have their days. Yet, this simple glimpse of where I've been only proved to reinforce where I'm at. The journey is paved with obstacles, but every step forward is a victory in itself. Be proud of where you are and remain focused on where you're going. I am forever grateful to Damola and the Ayo family for their continued guidance and encouragement. After 4 decades, I'm learning what it feels like to live. I'm becoming acquainted with a body I've never known. And I'm discovering strength that I never imagined. Ironically, someone brought up the subject of selfies today. At first, I was a little horrified. But, as I thought more about it, I realized how monumental it was. There was a time when I ran from a camera lens, and today I smile with pride. I'm not pretending anymore...I'm purposefully participating in this life God blessed me with. I am overcome with gratitude and joy...and I look towards the future with renewed intention!

Schedule & Programs

Ayo Fitness has many specialized programs that run at various times of the day during the week as well as a standard fitness class and gym hours that are guaranteed to make it possible for you to make working out apart of your lifestyle. 

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Ayo Crew

The Ayo Crew consists of individuals who are not only fitness enthusiasts but are constantly working on their craft as well as motivating and inspiring men, woman and children to dig deep and give everything and more in their fitness sessions.

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Ayo Fitness believes in supporting the community through mind, body and soul. The events we sponsor coincide with our core mission of helping individuals achieve their goals. To be successful, the entire community needs to come together.

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