Adult Race: TBD

The Hercules is a run through the Not-So Enchanted Forest and across diverse terrain, with 28 challenging obstacles, including PAINTBALL BATTLEFIELD!

The Hercules Fitness Challenge offers four categories of difficulty: beginner, intermediate, advanced and elite, so this race appeals to obstacle course racing beginners as well as the seasoned athlete. 

The overall course comprises a 5K Run (beginner & intermediate) or 7K Run (advanced & elite) and 28 obstacles of varying difficulty within “12 Labors” or sections. The entry corridor for each obstacle is color-coded to the category of difficulty. Orange for Beginners, Red for Intermediates, Black for Advanced, Blue for Elite.  

For those superheroes who want more after they cross the finish line, feel free to run it again, no extra fee for additional fun and exhaustion!  

Kid's Race: Saturday, May 18, 2019

Register your 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 year old for our amazing Hercules Kids Race. This venue is sure to be the hit of the day for the young Herculeans and their cheering parents. 

Learning from our last Hercules Kids Race, this race will feature different heats for each age group. They will climb, crawl, wiggle, jump, slide and go over, under, across and through a battlefield of super fun and exciting obstacles. Who wins at the end? Everyone! They’ll be showing off their finisher medal at the first day of school. 

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