Ayo Fitness is a community of fun loving fitness enthusiasts. We firmly believe that our positive attitude and fun environment promotes and encourages an improved health and fitness level among our members. Our approach is entertaining, non-judgmental and appeals to members of all ages and levels of conditioning. We achieve the 'Ayo Experience' by incorporating fitness classes, bootcamp programs, gyms circuits, entertaining fitness festivals, and various other fitness programs.

What's AyoJam? 

AyoJam is much more than a new dance, fitness program and assortment of products--it is Joy In Motion! AyoJam uses classic and exciting new popular rhythms from Africa and the Caribbean, carefully choreographed into a highly explosive, fun, rhythmic and easy to learn dance-fitness system.

Through our AyoJam Fitness DVD, AyoJam University, AyoJam Warriors Training Camp, and AyoJam Elite Ambassadors, AyoJam is cultivating the next global movement of fitness and wellness! We are working to create innovative products, a clothing line, and a joyfully energetic community.

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Schedule & Programs

Ayo Fitness has many specialized programs that run at various times of the day during the week as well as a standard fitness class and gym hours that are guaranteed to make it possible for you to make working out apart of your lifestyle. 

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Ayo Crew

The Ayo Crew consists of individuals who are not only fitness enthusiasts but are constantly working on their craft as well as motivating and inspiring men, woman and children to dig deep and give everything and more in their fitness sessions.

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Ayo Fitness believes in supporting the community through mind, body and soul. The events we sponsor coincide with our core mission of helping individuals achieve their goals. To be successful, the entire community needs to come together.

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